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With a background in marketing communications, Ashley decided to take her interest in plants and gardening to the next level through The Alaska Urban Soil Project blog. As a newly self-proclaimed gardener, she's ready to blaze the trail for other wanna-be backyard vegetable gardeners and start an online community for fellow organic, local food lovers.

rhubarb in early spring and late summer

Spring Rhubarb: an early edible perennial in Alaska

Winters in Alaska are long, cold & dark. At the end of December, most Alaskans only see 5-6 hours of sun each day. By March, the daylight hours have made significant enough gains for Alaskans to start looking forward to summer months in the land of the midnight sun.

In Alaska, one of the surest signs that spring has officially sprung is the sight of rhubarb’s annual crowning from the barely-thawed earth.

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Small blonde puppy with antibiotics bottle

Giving a 5-Week Old Puppy Liquid Antibiotics

I recently started fostering a litter of 5-week old, husky mix puppies. When I picked them up from the cargo plane, there was a note taped to the kennel, along with a small box of liquid antibiotics. 

The note said the ‘blonde boy’ needs .5ml of antibiotics, twice a day. Once I got the puppies home, it was antibiotics time.

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Hippie Holiday Gift Guide

The Urban Hippie Holiday Gift Guide

Urban hippies come in all forms. Some of us keep chickens or honey bees. Others have a green thumb and a passion for gardening. And most of us are incredible recyclers and try to reduce the waste in our communities through more thoughtful living.

These are all products I have in my own home or yard, and I love them enough to share. If you’re short on gift ideas this holiday season, here’s the ultimate holiday shopping guide for the urban hippie in your life. Continue reading The Urban Hippie Holiday Gift Guide

Ashley Taborsky planting apple tree

5 Considerations Before Planting Fruit Trees

Many of us who grew up in rural areas have fond childhood memories of fruit trees.

Maybe it was watching the tree bloom each spring, with the sweet scent of blossoms filling the air. Or maybe it was experiencing the annual harvest, with the smallest kids climbing up and gently shaking tree limbs, while family & friends on the ground used a wide tarp to catch falling apples.

There’s no doubt that planting a hardy apple or cherry tree is planting the seed of future memories. But there are things to know before you grow. Before you start digging, there are 5 important factors to keep in mind that will help ensure a fruitful experience. Continue reading 5 Considerations Before Planting Fruit Trees