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With a background in marketing communications, Ashley decided to take her interest in plants and gardening to the next level through The Alaska Urban Soil Project blog. As a newly self-proclaimed gardener, she's ready to blaze the trail for other wanna-be backyard vegetable gardeners and start an online community for fellow organic, local food lovers.

hens in snowy run area

Taking care of chickens in the winter

Wintertime chicken keeping might seem intimidating, but it’s actually surprisingly easy once you get the swing of it.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that chickens are birds, and there are plenty of birds that thrive in the snowy, winter woods. After all, they’ve got nice, fluffy full-body down coats to keep themselves warm. Continue reading Taking care of chickens in the winter

salmon cake with cilantro lime aioli

Salmon Cakes Recipe + Fresh Cilantro Lime Aioli

During our state’s bountiful summer months, Alaskans pack their freezers full of delicious, wild-caught salmon.

While there’s nothing better than the taste (and smell!) of fresh Alaskan salmon filets on the grill, I think it’s fun to create playful recipes that repurpose leftovers, breathing new life into an “old” meal. Continue reading Salmon Cakes Recipe + Fresh Cilantro Lime Aioli