Backyard Hen Laying an Egg, Caught on Tape

Earlier this year, my husband got to watch one of our backyard hens laying an egg in the coop.

He was doing some coop maintenance and had the side door open, when our sweet “backyard blend” hen sat herself down right in front of him to lay an egg. She didn’t care that the door was wide open – that egg was coming!

We’ve had this hen since she was 2 days old, so she’s pretty comfortable around us. She started laying eggs when she was only 4 months old; she was 5-months old here. We named her Owl, because she looks like a snowy owl.

Here’s a video of our hen laying an egg in our urban backyard coop. (I say “urban” coop so you’ll excuse the neighbor’s dog barking and other various neighborhood noises. )

If you wanted to skip ahead, she stands up and starts visibly pushing at 05:00, and the egg rolls out at 05:32.