making a buff orpington hen drink water

How to Make a Sick Chicken Drink Water

I had a sick hen and was worried about whether or not she was drinking enough water. I figured out an easy way to force feed her water using a syringe (without the needle).

I mixed up a little cup of water with some electrolytes and found a small syringe dropper.

Using my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand, I gently pinched her waddle (the little flap of skin under a chicken’s chin). Then using the tip of my ring finger, also on my left hand, I pushed open the top of her beak.

Once the chicken’s beak is propped open, you can give the hen a sip of water using the syringe dropper.

making a buff orpington hen drink water

All the chicken needs is a few drops, then release her waddle and beak to let her swallow.

Once you put the liquid in her beak, she should swallow it on her own just fine. Just be very gentle.

Here’s a video of me making the hen drink water, using the dropper method.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Sick Chicken Drink Water

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I just saw your video about your hen with the prolapse as well as your video on how to get her to drink while she is sick and doesn’t want to drink on her own. I have two questions.

    Did she recover ok?
    After the prolapse did she stop laying eggs or did she have to lay one the next day? If she did stop laying, for how long?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Angie – after the prolapse, she started to recover well, then tried to lay another egg a few days later and the same terrible prolapse happened again. Putting her down was the most humane thing to do. :( Never an easy thing to do.

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