Svedka vodka bottle full of crabapples

Crabapple infused vodka: delicious & easy

Have way too many crabapples and just don’t know what to do with them? Make crabapple infused vodka. It’s amazing.

Last year, Anna & I made crabapple-infused vodka with local crabapples, but I got lazy and forgot to post pictures. We used about a grocery bag worth.

woman with sink of crabapples

After washing them in the sink, we halved or quartered them, depending on how big they were. Really, we just cut them small enough to fit into the mouth of a vodka bottle.

inside of a crabapple

After spending plenty of time in liquor stores scoping out the vodka brand with the widest bottle mouth opening, I went with Svedka.

Svedka vodka bottle full of crabapples

We had to pour about half of the vodka into a separate bottle to make room for enough crabapples.

We let it soak for about 2 weeks, then poured the vodka through a strainer to catch all of the crabapple seeds and fuzzies.┬áThe vodka was light pink. It was surprisingly sweet and tangy – really delicious flavor!

(And hey, if you still have leftover crabapples, you can make & preserve some awesome crabapple jam…)