raw moose raw ready for slow cooker

Moose Heart Soup & Broth Recipe

A great way to eat moose heart meat by slow cooking it into a soup or broth.

Moose are huge, thousand-pound animals, so a moose heart it will easily fill a crock pot.

Even though many people don’t like the texture of organ meat, you’ve got to admit that’s a lot of meat to just throw away. Slow-cooking it into a broth is a great way to enjoy the flavor.

raw moose raw ready for slow cooker

Here’s the loose recipe we made up to make a moose heart soup – it turned out delicious!

Moose Heart Soup Ingredients

  • 12 cups of water
  • 4 large yellow onions, diced
  • salt to taste
  • 1 moose heart

Put all of the ingredients in  your crock pot slow cooker for 24 hours on medium or low heat, flipping the moose heart every few hours (it’s so big, it might not be fully submerged right away, but it cooks down after time).

After the soup is done cooking, as it starts to cool, you’ll notice a thick layer of fat start to form at the top of the slow cooker. Skim the fat off.

Then remove the heart and dice it up. Add however much you’d like to eat back into the soup.

sliced cooked moose heart

We kept all of the onion pieces in the soup and diced organ meat, but you could just as easily remove the meat and strain the onion out if you just want a rich, tasty broth.

(I’ve also made bone & heart broth with caribou – another good soup stock.)

This soup tasted like a meaty French onion, so that’s exactly how we decided to prepare it. It pairs delicious in an individual serving bowl with a crispy toast top and melted Swiss cheese. Moose heart french onion soup – yum!

After our dinner, I pressure canned the rest of it so we could enjoy it again later.

moose heart soup glass jar


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  1. Not sure I could eat the heart… I may have gagged a little looking at the pictures. haha

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