Tour of My Potential Backyard Gardening Space

Check out the video to see what I’ve got going on. At this point, all I’ve done to the yard is chopped some branches and cut the grass.

Quite a few places that are potentially good growing space are currently overgrown with weeds, but I’m assuming that’s a good thing.

My logic: if weeds and grass is growing like crazy here, that means I’m starting with good soil composition and sun/moisture combo, right? (Or did I completely make that up?)

Teaser: 2 weekends ago, my partner (Brian) & I trimmed our evergreen trees, and we have a ton of branches that we’ve been meaning to take to the dump. Instead, Brian found a super cool idea to how recycle tree branches and grass clippings by incorporating them into a long-term sustainable system for gardening.

We have some big plans for this weekend (or whenever it stop raining for more than one day)…stay tuned!

[UPDATE – here’s what we ended up doing.]