A Happy Potted Naval Orange in Alaska

In December, I got a potted Bearss lime, an olive, and a naval orange from a greenhouse in Eagle River, Alaska.

All winter and spring, I kept them indoors under a grow lamp. Toward the end of May, when I started hardening off my vegetable starts, I hardened off the potted trees to live outside, too.

They’ve been living outdoors here in Anchorage 24/7 since June and they’ve been loving our long Alaska days. Lots of new growth.

End of June, I repotted them all to bigger pots. Now, two months later, the Naval orange is blossoming like crazy and developing so much fruit it started tipping over.

baby green naval oranges

My friend Rozz suggested I use a tomato cage around it for support, which was an amazing idea. There are 30-40 tiny green oranges developing on its branches, plus plenty more flowers.

potted naval orange tree outdoors in Alaska

The blossoms smell wonderful. It’s really loving living outdoors this summer.

potted naval orange blossom in Alaska

I’ll need to bring it inside in a few weeks once temperatures in Anchorage start dropping, so hopefully those little oranges grow fast!